How to Find The Best Colour Prom Dress to Wear for Your Skin Tone

Whats The Best Colour Prom Dress to Wear For Your Skin Tone?

Colour is the number one most important thing when it comes to styling.  Like make-up and hair, figuring out what colour best flatters you starts with your skin tone.  This can be grouped into tree categories: warm, cool and neutral.  Finding out whether you fall under warm, cool or neutral without the help of a stylist can be a touch challenging and the last thing you want is to arrive at your Prom in completely the wrong colour dress that does nothing for you!!

There is no definitive test or hard-and-fast-rules-which is fine, because this should all be treated as a guideline anyway. The goal is to enhance your natural colouring, but if you love a colour that isn’t “flattering” wear as an accessory (think: handbag or shoes!).

Check out our guide to find which grouping you belong to, which colours you should gravitate toward, and which you should steer clear of.  And remember-these are suggestions that aren’t written in stone!

You’re Warm If…

Your hair colour: Ranges from dark brown to dark blonde hair.
Your skin tone: Has a greenish or a yellowish (golden) undertone. Olive complexions also fall in the warm category.

Your go-to colours in the warm colour family: Oranges, reds, golden yellow, amber, honey gold.
Your go-to colours in the cool colour family: Warmer greens and blues, like olive, deeper turquoise, green moss, fern, pesto, red-purples (think: magenta and orchid shades).
Your neutrals: Taupe, hot chocolate, creamy whites, winter wheat, latte.
Colours that are tough for you: Icy shades, jewelled tones (amethyst, sapphire, ruby).
Celebrity “Warm”: Jessica Alba and Jennifer Lopez

You’re Cool If

Your hair colour: It can range from very dark (blue black or very dark brown) to light blonde.
Your skin tone: Has a bluish undertone. It can also range from very fair to very dark.
Your go-to colours in the cool colour family: Bright blue, royal blue, sapphire, emerald, amethyst, deep purples, lavender, lilac snow.
Your go-to colours in the warm colour family: Shocking pink (versus hot pink, which is warm), cerise, ruby, bright rose.
Your neutrals: Gray, navy, pristine white.
Colours that are tough for you: Oranges and yellows.

You’re Neutral If…

Your hair colour: Is a combination of colours—blonde with ashy streaks or brown with warmer tones.
Your eye colour: Is hazel (most neutrals have hazel eyes, because it changes depending on what colour they wear).
Your skin tone: Hard to determine—you can’t tell if you’re warm or cool.
Your go-to colours: Neutral colours that fall in the middle of the colour spectrum. Look for light peach, dusty pinks, soft rose, peony pink (blush-toned pinks look best for neutrals), placid blue, jade green, cameo green.
Colours that are tough for you: Anything too bright or vibrant that can overwhelm, reds and yellows (if you do a yellow, try a soft version, like corn silk or buff).
Your neutrals: Taupes, grays, off-whites (like vanilla).
Celebrity “Neutrals”: Angelina Jolie and Rachel McAdams

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