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Prom has become the red-carpet event for every school leaver across the nation, giving girls the chance to dress up and bring A-list glamour into their lives as they celebrate the end of their school years with all their friends. With a wave of It’s My Prom’s magic wand you’ll be the belle of the ball.

If you’re dreaming of super-chic dresses, statement heels and the ultimate hair and make-up look you’ll find everything you need for red-carpet glamour  here in our magazine.

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Girls we have 100's of prom dresses for you to browse.  You're bound to find your perfect red-carpet ready dress on It's My Prom UK.  Select the location nearest to where you live and check out the most amazing dresses.  When you have found your perfect dress get in touch with the retailer either by phone or email or why not enter the competition ​on their page.... Happy Browsing!! Click Here to find your perfect prom dress

What Body Shape Am I & How Do I Find The Best Dress For Me?

What Body Shape Am I? Prom is supposed to be the best night of the year; you’ve finished school and you want to celebrate in style with all your friends. If you’re the girl who looks forward to prom all year long, one thing is for sure, You need an amazing dress. How do you possibly find the right one with so many options out there? That’s where we come in.  No matter your body type, shape, or size there is an amazing dress out there for you. (But you probably knew that, didn’t you?) It’s all about understanding what…